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Growlers and Squealers

What are growlers and squealers?

What is a growler?​

A growler is an air-tight container or vessel usually made out of glass, ceramic or stainless steel, that allows you to take beer - or your other fave beverage - from one place to another without a degradation of quality. 


How much beer do growlers hold?​

Growlers typically hold 1.89 litres of beers (about a 6 pack), and their smaller cousins, Squealers, hold half that amount; just under a litre (about 3 beers). 

Why are our growlers amber coloured?

Here at Thirsty Merchants we swear by amber coloured glass growlers and squealers. Amber growlers have been around in various forms since the prohibition days and are still the go-to vessel of choice for any beverage be it craft beer, cider, cold brew coffee, kombucha and even water! The dark amber glass protects your beverage from the harmful UV rays of the sun which cause your beer to spoil or skunk so these are perfect for preserving the intended flavour of your much-loved beverage. 

How long do growlers and squealers last?​

Thirsty Merchants growlers and squealers are eco-friendly and encourage refills so they are reusable, recyclable and sustainable. Our growlers and squealers feature a full wrap 360° print area using UV ink which has been tested to withstand 500 domestic dishwasher cycles, 3500 Winterhalter glasswasher cycle (85°) and is the hardest possible ink finish with outstanding adhesion to avoid scratching. Our specialised ink gives your brand the longest possible shelf life on the growler or squealer product.

Thirsty Merchants is the #1 provider of decorated Growlers and Squealers in Australasia. With a second-generation glassware printer at the helm we are fully equipped to handle all your glassware print requirements. 

Growler Sizes & Styles

1.89L Growlers

Mini Growlers

Boston Growlers

FROM $5.95 each

FROM $3.95 each

FROM $4.95 each

Poly Seal Screw Cap

$0.25 each

White Metal Screw Cap

$0.10 each

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